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June 18, 2010


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Lumber Liquidators


The only way to remove the v groove is to sand the floor flat and refinish. If you have a solid wood floor this is not a problem and we do have instructions on our Flooring 101 guide to help with this project (on

If you have an engineered floor it would depend on the thickness of the veneer. Most veneers will not allow that much sanding. Simply adding a sealer or topcoating will not resolve the problem.

Hope this helps!


My prefinished hardwood floor is 13 years old. My mistake in buying it was that each piece has a slight bevel in the edge. While the rest of the floor still looks good, the kitchen bevels where the boards meet always look dirty, even with regular cleaning. Nothing short of cleaning it an inch at a time works.
Any ideas? Please...?

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Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators does not recommend "Water brooms" "Wet-Jet Swiffers or steamer type cleaners on laminates, corks or hardwood floors. Although steamers may work well cleaning OTHER types of hard surface flooring, the 130° to 240° heated steam vapor can ruin wood or urethane finish resulting in warped or cupped flooring. Water and wood do not mix well, especially steam. Use these products at your own risk.

P. Giammarco

Thinking abou buying a steam mop...I have read comments and am concerned. Ads for steam mops products always show their products cleaning hard wood floors. Are they a good idea?


Better to remove the leaves fall and put in the compost heap. All foliage will still not be able to remove, as falling leaves will still continue. Will remove the remaining leaves in the spring.


The two things that I feel someone with hardwood floor has to worry about the most is scratching and warping. Cleaning dust and dirt off hardwood floors is a lot easier then on carpet because all you need is a Swiffer and maybe a moist but not wet mop.

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