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July 07, 2010


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all the people i have talked to says to start your first row in the left hand corner so way does my installation instructions say start in right hand corner.what i have is 12mm golden teak kensington manor....dream home laminate floor...

Hi Kimberly, sorry for the installation frustrations! If you contact Tech & Installation at 800-366-4204, one of our team members can help you with the issue. Hope this helps!

- Lumber Liquidators


what if the seams don't "click"? I have tried three times and as I lay it I get gaps in the previous rows. Frustrated. I did parquay (?Spelling) years ago and it really clicked. I am using the kensington manor. HELP!

Floor Graphics

Fantastic guidelines are given in this post surely this going to be very helpful for those who were planning to do some flooring work at their place they can do it by themselves following the instructions given in the above article.. This was really very amazing..


Hi so when you have 3 different size planks in one box they are fitted randomly across the floor and are not used just for the ends thanks

Jake Johnson

This is fantastic. I have been planning to get laminated floors. Now I can do it myself.

flooring installers

Thanks for your tutorial was very useful and it works.

Laminate Floors Petaluma

Thanks for the tips on installation! The pictures really help!


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

Lumber Liquidators

Laminate floors that have 3 different lengths in the boxes are designed this way to make them look more like the traditional random length solid wood flooring. There is no particular design or pattern. For best appearance place the planks randomly into the installation field mixing up the sizes as best as possible. St James recommends that the first and last plank in each row should not be less that 12”. Normally before installation we will lay out 4 or 5 rows to see what the length of the last board in the row will be. If the last board will be less than 12” then re-cut the first board in that row. Make sure to stagger the plank seams 6” apart from row to row so they do not line up. Seams should never be closer than 3 inches according to St James instructions.


Hi, The dream home Szechuan Ming that I purchased, comes in three sizes for the planks. What is the ideal design that can be used with these three sizes. There are equal number of each size - so for example, I cannot use just the long planks most of the time - I have to use the other sizes as well.

Thanks in advance

Solar info

This is very good article about the installation of laminate flooring!


Chipping edges, dents and Scratches are site related, not warrantable.

What "exactly" does the warranty cover?

Kathy Carbone

This is a great aid, especially for people who need a step-by-step procedure in installing laminated flooring. Installing this kind of flooring is a tough job! Anyone who reads this will surely appreciate your thorough instructions. Thanks! :)

Lumber Liquidators

Thank you Larry!

Larry Gibson

user friendly directions, would be nice if everyone did this, great job.Larry Houston Texas

Lumber Liquidators

Thanks Steve! We try to make it easy and want to help out where we can!


Good article! I think most people could follow these instructions easy enough. Thanks!

Lumber Liquidators

Thanks! We try to provide useful information to our followers!

laminate flooring

This is a good article about the installation of laminate flooring!

Lumber Liquidators

Thanks Jordans 5!

Jordans 5

I even envy you for your ability to design your blog so beautiful! I like it very much it is just my favorite style! Thanks a lot !

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