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August 27, 2010


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Art Whitney

I am putting a pre finished hardwood (Hickory) floor down over a plywood subfloor that is over a crawlspace od aboyt 18 inches. Which moisture barrier would you reccomend?

So if I have a laminate with no pad attached and am installing in the basement over prior vinyl flooring, and I have Eco Silent Sound, is that all I need or do I need another pad for cushioning? Also, if I choose instead to use a laminate with a pad attached, should I not use the Eco Silent Sound and instead use only a moisture barrier?

Glenn Rea

I am installing a 10mm laminate with a 2mm pad attached on a wooden sub floor (press board) in a family room. The room is over a crawl space. I was told I needed to put down a moisture barrier, but I am seeing different opinions. I have the sub floor prepared and ready for install. Where do I go from here ?

Hi Aaron,

Depending on the underlayment you choose, you may or may not need one. These are the approved underlayments for gluing down Morning Star Bamboo over concrete:

Bellawood Premium, install (film side up)
Eco Silent Sound install (film side down)
Dream Home Insulayment, install (smooth side up)
Dream Home Cork (3/8”thickness). Requires plastic poly-sheeting when placed
over cement. Requires PVA wood glue be applied to the short ends.

Installation instructions for all should be available in our Flooring 101 section. I hope this helps! Our Tech & Install team can provide additional assistance at 800-366-4204.


I have a concrete subfloor. I am looking for bamboo flooring and I have a question. Do I need to install moisture barrier then put the underlayment then the flooring, or if you are using a 2 in 1 underlayment/moisture barrier do you need both? This is an example of what I am thinking, https://www.lumberliquidators.com/ll/c/Quiet-Walk-Underlayment-Dream-Home-QWP/10008348.



Hi srvfan, one of these should work for you:



Do you know the specific brand / floor? I might be able to narrow it down further if you do. Thank you for your business! - Lumber Liquidators


I got some hickory hardwood to put down. I have not torn out the old flooring in my 1938 house's main level yet but I know it has 1" planks running diagonal for sub-flooring. suggested barrier is?

Hi Tom,

You should never install a laminate floor or another wood flooring product over a wood subfloor that is installed over concrete in a basement unless you are certain that the wood subfloor has a vapor barrier underneath of it that has a perm rating of .15 or less.

If there is no moisture barrier under the wood subfloor, our Tech & Installation team suggests removing the wood subfloor and installing the laminate floor over the concrete using 6 mil polyethylene sheeting under the laminate. You could also keep the subfloor and install a vinyl click product over it. We do offer underlayment pads like Bellawood Premium underlayment that will block 6 lbs of concrete moisture. This pad can be installed over wood subfloors, and can be installed under laminate floors. Keep in mind the pads have limitations on how much moisture it will block.

For further assistance, you could try contacting the Tech & Install pros at 800-366-4204. I hope this helps!


I am a little confused.I have wood subfloor over concrete floor in basement. I am installing laminate with separate underlay over this. Do I need underlay with vapor barrier over subfloor, or will this cause subfloor to retain moisture & rot the wood. Or do I install underlay without vapor barrier ?

I'd like to know what the answer to Mikes question was, because I have the same experience. I was told just to use the Bellawood premium underlayment. After watching a video it said I still need moisture barrier and on the website to not use extra padding...lots of conflicting information.

Hi Mike, thanks for your question. Please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for detailed assistance!


I recently purchased the Dream Home - Kensington Manor 12mm Sand Hill Hickory Laminate Florring. The planks have a 3mm pre-attached pad. I was told at the store to use the Bellawood Premium Underlayment. I later saw that on this website that I should not use extra padding on a floor that has a pre-attached pad. I have not yet installed the flooring. It will be installed on the main level of our house over an OSB sub-floor. What is the correct way to install... with or w/o underlayment?

Thank You

Good morning, and thanks for your question! The additional padding is not required, however the recommended products to use for the Golden Teak Laminate are:

Underlayment: Eco Silent Sound HD, Dream Home Insulayment, OR Bellawood Premium Underlayment


Moisture barrier: Dream Home 6 mil Poly Sheeting over concrete

I hope this helps!

I bought the golden teak laminate at lumber liquidators and the salesman put me down for a underlayment from nirvana plus which is a sound and moisture resistant. My question is will that be too much padding since I already have padding on the underside of the laminate? Also is the underlayment good enough to keep moisture from the concrete from seeping into the flooring or do I need a vapor barrier as well?

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