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November 04, 2010


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Tedd Smith

After 2 months now removing the rug, still have a big light square in the middle of the living room. Are you sure this will blend over time?? Does the finish not have any UV protection?

ecofusion flooring

.I think it was the perfect choice. Thanks for your response!

Granite Counter Tops Fountain Hills

I have hardwood floors in my kitchen, and I don't see any problem with it at all. The floors are very well-sealed, so that any liquids bead up and can easily be wiped off. I guess I'm not super clumsy in the kitchen, but it's hard for me to see what I'd be spilling on the floor all the time anyway.

Lumber Liquidators

Hi Maryann,
It would be hard to give a good answer to your question without seeing what you see. It could be dark because of water or moisture damaged or from some type of surface contaminate. I would suggest sending the Tech and Installation department an email with pictures of your issue. Their email is techandinstallation@lumberliquidators.com


I recently moved into a new home. Where there were many renovations to be done including the kitchen, after pulling the flooring up I discovered about 5 inches of the wood floor in the dining room had been covered. It is MUCH darker than the rest of the floor. Is there anything that can be done to match the small area to the rest of the floor? (The floors are probably a decade old, maybe older.)

Lumber Liquidators

All natural unstained pre-finished wood floors will have some color change as they get older, and with exposed to sunlight. Some species of wood flooring like Brazilian Cherry will have a more drastic color change as it ages. If this is the type of color change the customer is experiencing sanding and refinishing the floor won’t work as this is just the natural color of the wood purchased. Wood floors that have been stained will have a less noticeable color change as they age or due to sunlight, but they too will have some slight change. If you do not like the stain on the flooring product it will have to be refinished in order to re-stain the wood. The refinishing process will remove the floor finish and stain to get to the bare wood. A new stain and finish can be applied. We suggest having this done by a professional sand and finish expert for best results. Not all floors can be refinished due to a thin wear layer, so check with a professional beforehand.

Patricia Gamble

I have recently had hardwoods installed, and am not happy with the stain color. It is too red. Is there any way I can tone down the color without having the entire floor refinished?

Lumber Liquidators

Nelda, all you will need to do is pick up the rug. It typically takes a floor about 6 months to go through the most drastic change. The part that was covered will eventually catch up to the rest of the floor and it will be an even color.

 Nelda Grantham

I was not told this information before buying my Brizillian Cherry Hardwood and now I have a very large rectangle in the middle of my living room where I took up a rug that had been down for only month. Will this spot always be lighter than the rest of the floor??


I also have a question regarding this coloration change, can the process be sped up artificially through the use of UV lamps or anything else? There are several areas under rugs that have not received the exposure of other areas and we would like to have the ability to adjust more quickly.

Lumber Liquidators

David, patina is a natural process and there isn't anything that can be done to reverse it. Also, polishing won't affect it because the patina is not related to the urethane finish, it is related to the actual wood.


This is exactly what's happened to my Brazilian wood floors that I purchased from you. I understand that is mig be a normal process, but is there anything that can be done about it after patina has occurred? Can you polish it, etc?

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