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December 01, 2010


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Hey Mike, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for assistance. Thanks for writing in!


I bought random length and widths 3/4" thick hardwood bellawood hickory to be installed in the first floor of my house. Our widths are 3 1/4", 4 1/4" and 5". Can I use staples in install or should I also use glue? I am concerned about the 5" width.

What would you recommend?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Ravi, here are our recommendations:

For a 3/4" Bellawood DOMESTIC floor:
15.5 gauge staples OR 16 gauge cleats

For a 3/4" Bellawood EXOTIC floor:
18 gauge cleats

Thanks for writing in! - Lumber Liquidators

Hey Rems, please contact our Tech & Installation pros at 800-366-4204 for assistance. Thank you for your inquiry! - Lumber Liquidators


I bought Bellwood Brazilian cherry. I got question on the nailing that I need to use. Lumber liquidator recommends 18g 1' 1/2" to 2". But at home depot they say any type of either it is exotic or not if the thickness of wood is 3/4" then they say use 16g 1 1/2 " to 2".
Can any one advise me which one I have to go with


I am going to install Bellawood prefinished hardwood flooring in an area that has glued down 12" X 12" linoleum flooring on a concrete slab that has been in place since 1977. My contractor informed me that the linoleum does not have to be removed to glue down the prefinished product and that it is actually beneficial as a moisture barrier.
Your opinion please.

Hi Connie, our Tech & Install team will be able to assist you at 800-366-4204. Thanks for your inquiry!

Connie Bowen

I need a professional opinion on a Bellawood engineered hardwood floor that was installed a few months ago. The installer tried to repair a few bad gaps from the original install (very bad install job). In the center of the floor, they removed a board and reinstalled it with a "cut" piece which is now splintered on the end. I can see this piece getting worse quickly. Wouldn't the right way to fix a center piece be to remove that row from the wall to the center and replace the row since the edges of the wood are slightly beveled? It was nailed down, but I'm sure there is an adhesive that could be used for that row and a final nail next to the wall. I need some feedback ASAP as the contractor wants to leave it as is. Thanks.

I'm not sure what your question is, but if you contact our Tech & Install department at 800-366-4204, someone can assist you. Thanks! -Lumber Liquidators

Do you roll the glued down floor after installation?

Carpet Cleaning Machines

I am actually torn between hardwood floors and carpeted floors. Both could be high in maintenance. But I guess this decision would greatly depend on the weather of the house location.

Woodsmith Hardwood Floors

I think your blog post can make the hardwood installation much easier. I was looking for some posts for custom hardwood installation.

Lumber Liquidators

Any non-marring foot will work provided it has correct fitment for the tool and profile of the floor.

Mike Smith

Bostitch has a prefinished adapter foot that has a wider base, wheels and polymer edge. Is this adapter necessary to install Bellawood or will any non-marring foot work?

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