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May 12, 2011


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Hi Rebecca, I'm sorry you're having problems! You can find your warranty on your product's page on our website and in our Flooring 101 guide by searching the brand: http://www.lumberliquidators.com/ll/flooring/Flooring101?WT.ad=GLOBAL_FOOTER_Flooring101

Unfortunately, scratching is usually not covered. Thanks for writing in.


i bought Bellawood, cherry glue down engineered wood floors from Lumber Liquidators about 9 yrs ago near Tampa. It said on the box that it has a 50 year warranty. They are so scratched up! If we drop one little thing, it dings the floors. Every room in our house will need to be refinished. We spend so much money on these floors, it was very disappointing. I've heard real hard wood or laminate is much stronger! So what does the warranty exactly cover?

Lumber Liquidators

Hi Edie, I would contact our Tech and Installation Department at 800-366-4204. Someone can better assist you with your question. Thanks!


I just bought a new house, it has some type of wood flors?
There are gaps between each plank and lots of debris is getting trapped.
I have to use a crevice tool to suck it up.
Were these planks installed correctly?


That's really informative, thanks! Many customers think that engineered wood is fake, it's good to have a reputable resource you can refer them to

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