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November 30, 2011


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Hi Monica,

Thanks for choosing Lumber Liquidators! Virginia Mill Works Engineered should be acclimated to consistent indoor
temperatures of 60°-80° F and indoor humidity levels of 30% - 50%. Use a reliable species specific moisture meter to measure the moisture of the wood subfloor and flooring. The difference between the moisture of the wood subfloor and wood flooring should not exceed 4%. You should continue to acclimate the flooring until you meet these requirements. The length of acclimation time is not the determining factor. For more information you can search your flooring type in the Flooring 101 resource on our website. I hope this helps. Enjoy the floor!

- Lumber Liquidators

Monica Sartor

We just purchased Virginia Mill works pre-finished hand scraped engineered hardwood. How long should we plan to acclimate? I am reading anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks!

Hi Lisa, which brand of laminate flooring do you have - Dream Home St. James or Dream Home Kensington Manor?


We plan to install bamboo laminate next weekend. Should we open the boxes and plastic wrap while it acclimates or leave boxes unopened until installation?

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These tips are really very helpful...I am thinking of renovating my house and you've definitely helped me on some points when it comes to flooring.

Lumber Liquidators

It is preferred to acclimate to a consistent climate. If the swap cooler is used mostly then the floor can be acclimated to that environment, but when the AC is used you should be keeping the home climate to the same temperature and humidity as it is with the swap cooler or the wood could lose moisture when the climate levels are drier. Wood flooring performs best in a climate between 60F to 80F with humidity between 30% to 50%. When wood flooring is kept outside of the recommended climate levels much more movement is expected. A laminate or engineered product would be much more dimensionally stable, and would perform better than a solid floor if climate isn’t consistent.

Brian Little

We live in Phoenix, so we run the evap. cooler as long as possible, until humidity levels get up around 50% outside. We then switch to the AC. Would it be best to acclimate the flooring I bought to the cooler or the AC. We are currently using the cooler but will most likely have to switch to AC in a couple of weeks (monsoons begin).

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this artical is really helpful. thanks for the tips. getting to understand this stuff beforehand can save you the trouble later on.

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Rugs Cheap Gina

Thanks alot for these tips! Working on improving my home for this year and you've definitely helped me on some points when it comes to flooring. Thanks again.

laminate tile flooring

these are good tips that many people often overlook. if you install too quickly before the floor is ready you can end up with headaches in the end and have to do the project over again. patience is key.

Clint Rowley

Thanks for the really great article! A lot of people probably don't even consider letting the wood or laminate floors adjust before installing them. It's really important to do your homework on stuff like that and any other home improvement project.

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