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January 23, 2012


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Tami Bell

We had home depot install our laminet floors. It is bubbling up in the kitchen and home depot says it is water damage have no idea where it is coming from. Jo spills or leaks. Maybe just poor installation and product.

Hi Alyce,

Thank you for choosing Lumber Liquidators. I'm sorry you're having a problem with your floor! It could be from the expansion space, but it is difficult to say without seeing it. Please contact our Tech & Installation team at 800-366-4204 for assistance. - Lumber Liquidators

M Holladay

We have had our laminate floor (12ml) less than 7 mo . I notice several areas along the seam that are lifted and one area where my wife left some damp towels overnight has bubbled . I thought laminate was tougher than that. I should have listened to my inner self that kept saying (it's pressed wood with paper glued on top). Now I know


I purchased a laminate floor from lumber liquidators 10mm with backing used barrier for slab floor and another before the floor. the floor was installed in the winter. it is now july and the floor is peaking in many areas. is this from not allowing enough room at the wall? it is getting really bad and I have a dining room living room around 27 ft long and the floor was laid straight through

Hi Debra,

I'm sorry you're having problems with your floor! We appreciate your business and want you to love the floor. Please contact our Tech & Installation team at 800-366-4204 for assistance.

- Lumber Liquidators

Debra Garcia

We recently purchased Kensington Manor 12mm Hand Scraped V-Grove Laminate Flooring from Lumber Liquidators and are trying install the floors . We keep having problems and the planks are not wanting to connected together like they should especially in the middle. We do slightly tap it to close the gaps but it will not close. We are only 10 planks in and 2 of them have no gap. We opened 3 packages to shuffle them. Could the floorings be warped? We have been stuck on this for 2 days now and within those 2 days 10 planks only. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Elizabeth, I'm sorry you're having an issue with your floor! Please call our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for assistance.


Hi We just Installed laminate locking floors about a month ago onto a concrete slab type house with the foam installed underneath. So the wood floor is sitting on concrete with the foam barrier. Now my entire living room is bubbling up. Like you step on it and there is air up underneath it. So its bowing up but not coming unlocked. It is so bad, what can I do to fix this Please HELP

Hi Mike, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for the quickest assistance. Thanks for writing in!

Hi Patricia, I'm sorry you're having a problem with your floor! Please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for assistance.



I have contractor coming to install laminate flooring in two days. I removed old carpet this morning and noticed that the plywood sub-floor is not completely leveled. Floor is about 20' wide and in the center of the room it is little raised (about 3 to 4 mm) than two sides? The room is about 600 sq ft.

Can I install laminate floor as is? What are cons of installing the flooring as is? The contractor is coming in two days, so I need your help to guide me asap.

Thank you very much.


What can be done about a buckling laminate floor. We had this floor installed 2 years ago and did not have any issues with it until our a/c went out this spring and we have had to use an attic fan and other fans to keep cool in all the heat and humidity we are experiencing right now. We will have to do this until the our heating and cooling company can get here to replace it. In the meantime our floor has a huge mound in the center of the floor ( approx. 6'x 8' area) and puckering at the around the walls. Do I need to replace it as well or what can be done

Hi Ginny, I'm sorry about your flooring issue! Typically a problem like this is related to moisture, but I couldn't say for sure. It could also be related to cleaning. For example, with our products we do not recommend wet mopping as this could cause something like what you are seeing. You could try using a dehumidifier to lower the humidity levels of your home. This may help the boards return to normal. I hope this helps a little!


We purchased swiftlock flooring by Shaw from Lowes, the very top layer is lifting on many pieces in the high traffic area lowes seems to think it is a moisture issue, although moisture tests were performed before installation and they were acceptable. . We had a contractors come out to replace the bad pieces, he told us that it appeared to him to be the product and we most likely would have the same problem. So now we have gone back to Lowes to try to get our $$ back, it has Ben a total nightmare. We had a company check for any leaks in the slab, none were found. It is just the top layer at the short ends on several planks where we mainly walk , the laminate is throughout our home, there are not any problems in other area of the house. Any advice would be appreciated.

Lowe's ruined my house.

Ginny and Travis, If you have a vapor barrior installed over a wooden subfloor or a crawl space make sure that the manufacturer's specifications for that floor call for a moisture barrier. I had the same thing happen to me and had to hire an engineer to find out where the moisture was coming from within the floor. I also had mold for a year before discovering the problem. Check with your state licensing board to see if the installer was licensed at the time of the installation as well. Document every conversation and take plenty of picures and video, trust me, you will need them.

Hi Alfred, I'm sorry your friend is having a problem. Gapping is almost always related to moisture and/or installation issues. Most gaps occur with season changes, when the temperature and humidity in your home change. Gaps that are considered normal should close up when the weather warms up. Here's some more info for you both: http://blog.lumberliquidators.com/lumber-liquidators/2013/06/flooring-gaps-.html

Thanks for your inquiry! - Lumber Liquidators



Hi Melanie, thanks for your inquiry! Please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for assistance.

I'm sorry you're having problems, Ellen! Do the gaps come & go with seasonal changes, or are they constant? If they come & go and are less than 2-1/4" wide or less, they're considered normal because of the floor's natural changes. If not, try checking our post about gaps & what the cause could be: http://blog.lumberliquidators.com/lumber-liquidators/2013/06/flooring-gaps-.html

- Lumber Liquidators


We purchased and installed through Lowes. The installers didn't do well in a lot of ways, but now the floor is curling in several areas. We have a crawl space but have never had an issue with moisture. Linoleum there before never had moisture issues.

Ellen Sealey

I purchased my laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators in, Maryland, in May, 2011 and have had problems with gapping from the very beginning. After I called, the installers came out once and "stomped" them back in place but the problem persists. I am so tired of "stomping" them myself because it really does no good. I am so upset and disappointed and do not know what to do about this problem.


How much space is required between the flooring and the baseboard trim?

Hi Rebecca, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for a detailed answer to your question. Thanks for writing in!

Hey Bob, our Tech & Install team should be able to help! You can reach them at 800-366-4204.


We had a leak in out kitchen and need to take up affected boards. We have to remove boards that was our starting point. Once we get to affected area and replace boards, will we be able to go 'backwards' with the tongue and groove?

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