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January 23, 2012


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I have about 6 places where the two end pieces meet together and in the corner they are sticking up a little bit enough to catch a sock or dust pad. I'm worried about it catching and breaking the corner off. What can I do to fix this problem ? Thank you !

This post may help with gaps: http://blog.lumberliquidators.com/lumber-liquidators/2013/06/flooring-gaps-.html

If you need further assistance, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204. Thanks for writing in.

I have several gaps on the floors upstairs an a couple downstairs what can be done? I live in Las Vegas

Hi Ginny, thanks for writing in. I'm sorry you're having a problem with your floor. Moisture issues aren't necessarily related to something like mopping. Many of the issues we see are related to problems with the subfloor, an improper moisture barrier, HVAC problems, moisture underneath the floor boards, etc. You may find the PDF "Moisture reduction strategy" useful (although it is meant for pre-installation) which can be found by searching Flooring 101: http://www.lumberliquidators.com/ll/flooring/Flooring101?WT.ad=GLOBAL_FOOTER_Flooring101

Is the issue concentrated in one spot? All over? You may want to try a moisture test of your own (info also in Flooring 101) to see if you can identify where the moisture problem is. I hope this helps! - LL

Hi Mark, how large are the gaps? Typically gaps that are 2-1/4" wide or smaller are considered "normal" and will close up when the season changes. During dry, heating seasons boards will shrink, and in non-heating seasons they should expand again closing up the gaps.

For info on how to determine if a gap is considered "normal" and for tips on repairs, head to the Flooring 101 section on our website and search the PDF "Gaps, Moisture & Squeaks". I hope this helps!

Flooring 101: http://www.lumberliquidators.com/ll/flooring/Flooring101?WT.ad=GLOBAL_FOOTER_Flooring101


We had laminate flooring installed a little over a year ago in Oceanside, ca. Several of the pieces ar starting to lift, appearing to be a moisture issue, we have never wet mopped the floor. The job was done through Lowes, they sent out an inspector that reported it was a moisture issue caused by us, how can that be when we have NEVER wet mopped the floor. Lowes no longer uses the company tht installed it, but supposedly a moisture test was done and it was installed correctly.
Is there anything else we can do at this point ??

Mark Nucker

I'm fairly sure I know what the answer will be, but I thought I'd ask. We have gapping in our floor about 5 or 6 boards out from the wall. Your section on gapping does not address how to repair this. I'm assuming that I'll have to take the molding off the wall, remove the boards until I get to the gap and then reseat each board. My only problem is that the room involved is over 25' long and the gap is approximately 8' long in the center of the run. The boards appear to be about 8" wide. Both ends are tight. The house came with this floor so I don't know how it was installed originally.

Hi Eddie, I'm sorry to hear that. Please contact our Customer Care team at 800-366-4204 and a representative may be able to help you. Thanks! - LL



Hi Adrienne, thanks for writing in. For detailed assistance please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204.


Hi, we recently installed a water line to our fridge and there was a leak we did not know about till we saw the laminate flooring warping. It has only been one day since install so it's very fresh. We have a fan on it and a dehumidifier running as well. Any other possible things we can do to help it fall back down to normal?

Hi Bruce, it could be a temperature/humidity change in your home. For a detailed response, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204. Thanks for your inquiry! - LL

Bruce Guillot

I installed laminate flooring in all the common areas for my home five years ago. I have recently noticed an area of 3 foot square that is Bucking in the largest room 3 feet from the wall. The wall is 90 degrees to the floor run. I left almost 1/2" spacing along all the walls for expansion.
All family members say there was nothing spilled on the floor there.
Why is it buckling now after five years?
Bruce Houston,Tx

Hi Genia,

Without all the details it's difficult to say. Did you purchase from Lumber Liquidators? If so, you may need to contact Customer Care at 800-366-4204 for an inspection. Someone there can assist you with more information. Thanks for writing in!


What can you do if in some areas you have peaking and in some areas you have gapping?

Hi Ray, please contact Tech & Install at 800-366-4204 for a detailed answer to your question.

Ray Stallworth

Just install floating laminate floor. There are some dips in the concrete sub floor. Any suggestion for correction at this point without removing the floor

Hi John, you may be able to inject something, but it would be at your own risk. Is it possible for you to take up the board(s) in the spot with a dip and put down something to level it? -Lumber Liquidators

john wagner

I just finished 557 sq feet of the st James bamboo 12 mm laminate floor I have a small area that bounces about an 16 of an inch I knew this was gonna happen due to dip in hardwood floor underneath , my question is can I inject something under it to level that out or do I just deal with it and I already tried calling the tech line , not too helpful I'm sorry to say

Tracey Clark

Why after reading all these posts would laminate be layed in a bathroom? I never knew it was so suseptible to water damage. I have my entire downstairs done in laminate and I have children and a dog. I wish I would've read this post before I had it installed.

Hi Elisa,

If the floor feels "spongy" check to see if the floor is too tight to the walls where it gives. Often this is the primary reason for excessive give. Even if you left enough space, it could have expanded.

I know you checked to be sure the floor was level, but check again just in case. Sometimes it's easy to miss a spot with a small dip or hump in the floor.

The good news is it should be an easy fix, however, the only way to see for sure is to remove the trim and that row or two of boards. The floor can be taken apart and put back together from either side.

If you have any further questions please contact the Tech and Install Dept. at 800-366-4204. Thanks! -Lumber Liquidators


We just installed our morning star bamboo clic floor. It is a floating floor over 2 in 1 moisture barrier underlayment, plywood and concrete. One junction of two boards in the first row we layed is not secure. It bounces at the seam. We were sure to level everything and there was no obvious problem at this spot before laying the floor. Anyway the entire floor is down. What can we do to support this joint from bouncing without taking up the entire floor and laying it again??

Hey Jessica, sorry to hear you're having a problem! Please contact Tech & Installation at 800-366-4204 for better assistance. Thanks for your inquiry. -Lumber Liquidators


We layed laminate flooring in two rooms so far, no problems. We layed about 8 rows in the third room and now we can't get the next row to connect. What causes this problem.

Hi Danielle, sorry to hear that. If you contact our Tech & Installation department at 800-366-4204 a specialist can assist you. Thanks for your inquiry. -Lumber Liquidators

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