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September 07, 2012


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Thanks for sharing this- good stuff! Keep up the great work,
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great blog :) I'm so happy I stumbled here through my friend's blog I'm gonna need to add another one to the list.

MS Green

The product is great, but the amount you save with the sale, you lose it to the damage the installers do to your home and other things in your home. Had mine installed in July and I am still finding damage to my home. They put a hole in my ceramic tile, damaged a special order secreen door that cost over $300., marked on 3 newly painted walls, left large glue spot on another floor. There is more, Cant stress enough not to use this co.

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This is a good post on this topic.



Very tricky question. This is a concern for many especially in moist areas like basements and sub-basements. Thanks for sharing
Wayne@ Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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