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January 01, 2013


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Donna Robbins

I have been dreaming of wood flooring for 3 years. I finally had enough to purchase them and viewed your website daily to decide. I tore all of my disgusting carpet out last July and then my son lost his job. I had to use my flooring money to help him out. We have been living on a concrete slab with touches of florescent orange paint ever since. If I win this, it would pay for half of what I need and I have enough money again for the other half. A DREAM WOULD COME TRUE in 2013!!!HELP!!

Michele Foust

What a Blessing it would be if we were chosen to receive this gift from God! I have really bad allergies to dust and it causes many medical bills along the way...I am borderline Asthmatic from inhaling all the allergies and dust from our carpets. During this process with trying to figure out how to replace our carpets, our 4 dogs which we have rescued trampled all over our carpets, wood flooring, and tile and created a red clay mess that will not come clean. This would be an answer to many prayers, thank you for this opportunity and God Bless us all, whomever may be the winner... :)

Marty Myers

How cool it would be to have our story selected. Winning would be a bonus. And then my wife would be happy, which is the real bonus.

Lumber Liquidators

Hi Susan, just submit your contact info and story using the form. If you can't see the form, try using a different web browser. Thanks!

Lumber Liquidators

Just submit any generic image you can, Julie. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

Susan Ottey

Please help me! My carpet has been destroyed during the potty training process of my daughter's Yorkies. My carpet is so stained all over , the living room is a train wreck!! I cannot have anyone visit me because I am so embarrassed. I am 49 years old and disabled so I cannot go anywhere very often so my social life is virtually non-existent! I am so depressed because I have no life. I used to work 60 hours a week. I moved here to help my sister who was injured in a fall and broke almost every bone in her body. She is now 100% independent and now my health is terrible due to Lupus, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Myositis and other diagnoses. I really need help, could you please help me be proud of my home again???? I posted a picture on your Facebook site, I am not sure how to post it here.

Julie S

I tried to submit my story but I don't have a picture so it wouldn't let me. It said to submit a picture IF you have one. Is there another way I should submit my story? Thanks!

Lumber Liquidators

Hey CharP1, we'll post some of the best stories on our blog when the contest is over! Check back on March 1 to read them. Thanks for your inquiry!


Where are the Carpet Catastrophe stories posted for others the read?

Lumber Liquidators

Jamie, try switching your web browser. Typically, participants have had the best luck with Google Chrome! For some reason, the entry form is picky. Please let me know if this doesn't work.


It won't let me submit my entry. We really need new flooring cause both kids have allergies. The people we bought the house from had dogs and we have shampooed and everything. So right now we have no carpet in the house cause I ripped it out.

Lumber Liquidators

Rommel, were you able to submit? If you couldn't attach a photo but already sent in your entry, you can submit another with your information, story and photo and I'll know the entries go together. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Lumber Liquidators

Erin, is it still not working? I just entered a test on both the blog and Facebook forms (both go to the same place). On my end, the form appears and is working. Please let me know if it is still not working!


We tried to submit a picture or video as well but the "add image file" is grayed out; we still submitted out entry without a file.

Erin Sharp

I can not get the contest entry page to load here or on facebook. I bought a house that had sat empty in the country for 3 years with most of the windows busted out and now have a newborn. I really need new flooring and am trying to save for it.

Lumber Liquidators

Hi Russ, I'm not sure why that's happening. I'll look into it. Have you tried entering on the Carpet Catastrophe tab on Facebook? Let me know if you still can't get it to work!

Russ Sands

Hi, I entered a story but the option to add a picture was greyed out. I would really like to add a picture.

Gordon Fittante

I like Lumber Liquidators flooring and I would purchase flooring from this great flooring company

Lumber Liquidators

Hey Cindy,

On the contest entry form, if you were never redirected to a "Thanks for Entering" page your entry probably wasn't submitted. If you have a simple or generic image on your computer, you could try submitting that. We'll know it's a placeholder since the contest application won't allow you to not attach a photo. Let me know if this does not work! You should receive an email when your entry is submitted and another when it is approved. Thanks for your inquiry!


Hello again. I saw you sent me a photo, but then I could not find it. I tried to enter again and I do not think I was successful. Please respond again.

Hopefully I'll figure it out. Love to add the hall , stairs and landings to my catastrophe plea. Did not know laminant worked on them also!

Norma Brown

winning new flooring for this old house would be wonderful. I bought flooring for my living room and just love it. I hate carpet because. My husband and i have health problems and the carpet holds dust mites and all kind of germs.

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